Matrimonial Law

Matrimonial Law Going about premarital processes such as a prenuptial agreement can be complex and it is of the utmost importance to handle this in a professional and accommodating manner.

Seton-Smith & Associates offer premarital contract services are offered at an all-inclusive rate of R3 600.00.

Which includes:

  • An initial joint consultation with both parties to explain and discuss the different matrimonial regimes available in our law, and thereby enabling you to make an informed decision;
  • Drafting of all necessary indemnities and Powers of Attorney;
  • Drafting your ante-nuptial agreement;
  • Follow up consultation if necessary to discuss your agreement and attending to signature thereof;
  • Lodgement and registration at the Deeds Office;
  • Provision of the requisite notary letter as required by your marriage officer;
  • Provision of the duly registered contract on receipt from the Deeds Office;
  • For more information on the process and requirements, please contact our offices prior to your date of marriage as your intended union is governed by statutory legal requirements, which have to be attended to prior to your wedding day.

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